Important Things to Know Before Installing Ceramic Floor Tiles

February 6, 2017

Floor is an important component in determining the aesthetic value of a house. In tropical countries such as Indonesia, ceramic tile floor remains a favourite choice as the material can create a cool atmosphere inside a room.

However, ceramic tile flooring is not a simple job. There are steps that need to be followed, especially when wanting a floor that is strong, long-lasting, and flat. To achieve that quality, there’s an important step in ceramic tile flooring that should not be missed, namely screeding.

Preventing Hollow Spots, Flattening Floor

Screeding is a term for floor levelling which is conducted using specific mortar that is applied under floor tile adhesive. The aforementioned mortar is called floor screed. Floor screed is used to raise floor level or to serve as a work floor before tiling. However quality floor screed offers more benefits. Quality floor screed can maximize the result of ceramic tile flooring. Drymix Floor Screed, for instance, can prevent hollow spots under installed ceramic tiles. The material is abrasion resistance, has maximum load carrying capacity and allows faster application due to its practical nature.

Easily Mixed and Applied

When a construction work like ceramic tile flooring is expected to be completed in a short time, using Drymix Floor Screed is ​​the right solution. The material can simplify and speed up work because it is easily mixed and applied. The mixing is simply by pouring 9-10litres of clean water for 50kg Drymix Floor Screed powder. Stir for 3-5 minutes until it form homogeneous paste. Floor screed is ready to use.

As for the application, Drymix Floor Screed gives best result when applied over wet Drymix Bonding Agent. Flatten the surface with wood screed or aluminium screed according to the expected floor height. Smooth and press the surface using trowel, then let it untouched for 24 hours. In the next 3 days, dampen the surface by spraying water.

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Make a Beautiful Ceramic Tile Floor

Ceramic tile flooring can give maximum result if the use of Drymix Floor Screed is combined with Drymix Tile Adhesive Ceramic and Drymix Tile Grout.