How to Skip Steps When Building a Wall

February 1, 2017

In this modern age, people are required to move fast. Those who can finish their work faster at a lower rate without reducing the quality of their work will be sought after.

This is why players within the construction industry always come with new innovations in order to win the competition and to keep winning the consumers.

Building Wall Layer by Layer

In the past, wall construction required a multi-layered process. The first work would be brickwork, a task that requires brick and mortar. Brickwork traditionally continued with plasterwork, where plaster is applied onto the brick wall to level its surface and to protect it from weather changes. Usually the wall would be let dry in three days after the completion of plastering. The third work is decorative coating, a task that requires a mixture of cement and water, for smoothing the wall and making it water resistant. Only after the coating dried in five days, the next work takes place. It’s the wall putty application, which aims to cover any cracks, smooth the wall surface, and save paint. The wall is sanded afterward to make it even smoother for painting and wall paper.

These steps must be conducted sequentially for strong, smooth, and precision wall.

Plaster and Decorative Coating

But it was the past. Today, there are innovations called instant cement and instant plaster from Drymix that enable you to skip some of those time-consuming steps without reducing the quality of your wall.

By using instant cement Drymix Thinbed 101, the result of the brickwork will be level and precision. This makes a flat wall surface that can save the use of plaster.

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Meanwhile, by using instant plaster such as Drymix Plester Ringan, which functions both as plaster and coating, plasterwork and decorative coating can be conducted at once. It resulted in a smooth wall after three days, which can be painted right away without putty application needed.

When you can skip a number of works without compromising your construction quality, it means you are saving cost from less use of material and shorter construction schedule.

Very Easy, Simply Pour the Water

How exactly does Drymix Plester Ringan make a construction schedule shorter? First of all, the material, which is a mixture of cement, filler, silica sand, and polymer additive, is easy to prepare and applied. For every 50kg of Drymix Plester Ringan powder, simply pour 13-14 litres of clean water. Stir for 3-5 minutes until blended, homogeneous, and become a paste, the material is ready to use.

The quality and consistency of Drymix Plester Ringan mix is always maintained. The material has high bonding strength and can minimize cracks on the wall that normally caused by expansion and shrinkage. Drymix Plester Ringan is the best innovation that must be used in any construction work.