What Are The Types of Construction Work Which Cost You Can Reduce? Find Out Here!

February 1, 2017

During construction or renovation of a house, cost is often become major consideration. Therefore, ways to save cost are always wanted.

However, cost-reduction can’t just be applied to all types of construction work without careful consideration. You have to make sure that your cost-saving method will not affect the quality of the building.

How To Sort Types of Construction Work Most Suitable For Cost-Saving Effort?

Types of construction work categorized as structural works such as building foundation, concrete column, tie beam, and ring beam can’t be compromised when it comes to quality. You need to think twice if you want to reduce the quality of these construction works to save cost, e.g. by cutting the use of materials or choosing low quality materials.

The result could be fatal. These structural works are the strength that supports the building, so foundation work, concrete column, tie beam and ring beam-making must be conducted according to standardized specifications.

Meanwhile, types of construction works that are possible for cost-saving are the non-structural woks including wall finishes.

Smart Saving

Saving cost on wall finishing projects can be done by using Drymix Skimkot Putih. The white skimcoat has similar function to the usual white wall coating and most suitable to smooth concrete surface, precast, and plaster surface.

Just like the name suggests, the skim coat color is bright white and it can help you save at least one layer of paint. The paint color looks brighter when applied onto the white skim coat. The paint can also easily attach onto the white skim coat so less paint will be needed. The bond-strength of the white skim coat makes the paint last long, so you can save painting cost considering that the paint is supported by the white skim coat as its base. In relation with labor cost, wall finishing using white skim coat enables the project to finish faster. In this case, you can save labor cost.

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Smooth the Concrete Surface

More than just great for coating, Drymix Skimkot Putih boasts similar function to putty as it makes a concrete surface flat and smooth a concrete surface that has small holes on it.

The easy mixing and easy application of Drymix Skimkot Putih enables finishing work to complete in a short time. To use it, mix 20kg of Drymix Skimkot Putih powder with 7-8litres of clean water. Stir for 3-5 minutes until homogenous and become a paste. Apply the material afterwards using iron trowel with maximum thickness of 2-3mm. As the coating half-dried, smooth its surface again using the iron trowel. The coating doesn’t need to be scrubbed using sandpaper and the like. Let it dry for minimum 5 days before painting.